WAXX104.5 Online Radio

WAXX104.5 Online Radio:

WAXX is a radio station in U Clare, Wisconsin that plays country music. The main goal of WAXX104.5 radio is to provide accurate sports-based programs. And based on that as well.

Some entertaining music that their listeners often do not like to hear! WAXX U Clare of Wisconsin. A radio station in the area, whose studios/offices are located just outside Altuna.

WAXX104.5 Online Radio in addition info: 

WAXX104.5- The mission statement of this country’s music-based broadcasting network. Some of their listeners have very entertaining and quiet music programs. As well as starting with the promise of good old-fashioned sports.

Talk in the morning when they are not there. Play any song or give weather updates every hour! Broadcast from WAXX-FM’s transmitter site near Fairchild Sharing Space for WEAU.

(Which also shares antenna duties). This Country Format 104.5 offers some fantastic programming for listeners to choose from!

Be sure to miss their awesome morning show “Viking Morning II”. Which is part-time of the day from Monday to Friday 6:00 am – 9:30 am CT.

WAXX is a radio station in the U Clare area of ​​Wisconsin, with studios/offices located in Altona.

WAXX104 – 5 Above the tower of WEAU.

Near Fairchild Sharing Space. North Wisconsin from their transmitter. And broadcast country music to audiences across southern Ontario.

They are not just for broadcasting but for all types. Committed to providing sports-based programs! Their transmitter location is shared by WEAU and Fairchild. It broadcasts on WAXX104.5.

 – Playing country music across rural central Wisconsin. And listeners who enjoy their game. Also provides some sports-based programs for them!

WAXX is in the U Clare area of ​​Wisconsin. A radio station with studios/offices located in Altona. They have an AM transmitter. Which broadcasts Country Music (WAUW) and an FM translator at 104.5 MHz.

Which carries programming from WAUW. But the North plays more modern country hits than their big brother! The main goal of this company was initially to present only good punch sports-based programs.

As well as some very entertaining delightful musical instruments based on the classic rock ‘n’ roll. Mix together so that those who hear. They still like what they are able to hear.

Every day something new is sent from Tower WEAU (Licensed by Tower Lake). Available in Fairchild Sharing Space. WAXX 104.5 – WAXX 104-515 is an American broadcast network. Which is mostly adept at country music but.

It has some sports programs. Such as the College Football Games or The Nation. Major sports events happening in its vicinity!

The station was originally WEAU-FM. An FM station co-owned by WEAU TV in Eau Claire.

When the WAXX 1150 was purchased. And was brought under the same building as the WEAU television station (WEAR-TV / WECT).

Then they started simulating the music format of this country for many years.

Until it finally moves to its own frequency of 99.9MHz c1981.

In addition, WAYY Central Communication Company. News Talk from the old after they were sold to those who bought them in 1990.

Changes the format of; First at auction then later through tenders on their stock.

Which makes it difficult for some stockholders to make payments. The reason is primarily that the price of bid parties goes up too much. There was no desire to continue purchasing.

Radio Contact Info:


944 HARLAM ST.Altoona, WI 54720

WAXX104.5 Online Radio