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Thr Gegar

Thr Gegar

Thr Gegar Started on 20th April 2000 is the second most popular radio station in Malaysia has gradually become one of those radio stations that have become synonymous as an online radio to its listeners. The multi-cultured Malaysians have got a fever for radio and Thr Gegar has utilized that behavior of their people to create a radio that is known for its dynamic radio presentation. Thr Gegar is among a few of those stations which along with giving the exciting and chilling musical experience of no match to other Malaysian radio stations is also known for its array of info for the music fans. Thr Gegar loves to have their listeners to participate in the creation of the playlists and programs. Their effort of being connected with listeners has paid off when they are now having more than 1.6 million loyal listeners which on a rapid growth path.

THR gear lives streaming online over the Internet directly to your computer. the motto of THR FM  is Gems of the East Coast. meet with your favorite DJs, Hakim’s brother Andy, Gina, Roslynn, and many others. they will entertain you with various local pop songs from the 80s era songs. THR gear is one of the best FM radio I like in Australia because of most of the songs the last song published in THR concussion. Besides the melodious music, THR also provides you with  Bollywood and  Hindi songs through their famous show Hindi Power!. You can also listen to THR FM radio at a frequency of 99.3 MHz for the Klang Valley and Pulau Pinang, Negeri  Sembilan to 101.5 MHz, 101.9 MHz.

Vision: Thr Gegar’s vision is simply to be the most entertaining radio station in Malaysia.
Programs: With a better emphasis on Malaysian music along with music from the world their popular programs are:-

# Cheerful Morning

# Morning Fun Weekend

# Concussion 10-3

# Evening concussion

# Night Raaga

# Best East Coast

# Sunday Night Options

Radio contact info: 

Radio Information:

Location: Malaysia

Language: English, Malay

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Pop, Top 40


thr gegar fm

thr gegar fm
Thr Gegar