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Sunny 97.7 FM

Sunny 97.7 FM:

Just as the name implies, Sunny 97.7 FM is a cheerful place to be on your radio dial! With our wide variety of easy listening music and information, we’re sure you’ll love us too. Tune in today for great tunes and local news updates from around the world – all with a smile!

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Today we’re bringing you local news updates from around the world. For more information on today’s show, please visit our website at

Visit us online for all of your latest Sunny 97. Seven news and entertainment stories! Tune in every day starting at 12:00 noon to hear great tunes with a smile – here on Sunny 97. FM!

Every Friday is $500 Fridays so tune in throughout the week to see what happens next! We’ll be giving away $500 during this promo without any purchase necessary just by listening and playing along – no catch! Tune into Sunny 97. FM every single weekday morning as we give you all of your latest news headlines straight from the source.

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Tune in each weekday morning starting at 11 AM CST for great tunes, fun interviews, and all of your latest news here on Sunny 97-FM! More information can be found online today by visiting

Visit us online anytime you want if you’re looking for all things entertainment-related from around the world including local news stories coming straight from one of their very own sources. Tune into Sunny 97 Seven FM right now so that we can bring you all of your latest news.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 1510 Bayliss St Midland, Michigan

Phone: +1 989-631-1490

Sunny 97.7 FM Radio

Sunny 97.7 FM Radio
Sunny 97.7 FM