RCH 2000

Listen Online to RCH 2000 FM radio

Listen Online to RCH 2000 FM radio

RCH 2000 The Haiti radio channel is a member of the International Broadcast. Right now, the Association of Journalists and Digital Reporters. RCH 2000 They give internet programming.

It very well may be heard through. Any internet browser or downloaded to iPods. Time Right now, Portable media players like RCH 2000 transmission news around the planet.

Right now, English and French have all the data they need for their guests. They include wellbeing data, schooling, culture, economy.

Right now, And live in neighborhoods that might apply to territory inhabitants. Simultaneously, They give an assortment of music. At this point and that includes time and change, climate, neighborhood news, and sports.

Global Broadcast. The Association of Journalists and Digital Reporters give data. Right now, From publicizing to preparing and specialize issues. On the whole regions of radio.

RCH 2000 in expansion information

RCH 2000 has two nearby creations that are important for their administration. The first is RCC International. Which communicates data utilizing worldwide news.

A group of New York-based correspondents. The second is RCH Espresso. A week-by-week magazine highlighting nearby creations. once in a while including music and business.

During this time, Haiti radio channels were simultaneously computerized. The RCH 2000 site gives the R condition after. The advanced transmitters are sending from the administrative center.

Notwithstanding, Listening choices through PCs and cell phones. There are a free download administration And a local area page.

Where individuals can talk about projects and occasions. A few transmissions incorporate travel tips. However, neighborhood news, music.

At the present time and plans, sports features. At this time data about nearby celebrations, and are just the beginning.

RCH 2000 transmissions its tasks enhance. Its playlists for a socially and socially unique group. At the present time
Despite the transition to information gathering and entertainment.

At the present time, RCH 2000 transmission manifests near individual disclosure. In this situation
Reveal them.

The most compelling evidence. At the present time And database enterprise current efforts. Culinary, social, redirection. And sports fields at this time.

They are filling in as a framework among crowd individuals and music.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Saint Marc, Haiti Language: English
Genres: Community, Talk, news Web Site:  http://www.rch2000.com/


RCH 2000

RCH 2000
RCH 2000