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Radio Megaton:

Radio Megaton is one of the most famous online radio station in Croatia. Radio Megaton operates within the company Planex Radio Ltd. on location in Cargovcu. It was founded in 2002. when the Council of the Croatian Telecommunications got a license for the production and broadcasting of radio programs. The official launch of Radio Megaton was 3 October 2002. year, although the experimental program began broadcasting earlier. Radio Megaton now employs 11 full-time employees and 2 part-time employees and its own program of 24 hours broadcast on frequency 104.9 MHz ultrakratkovalnog areas.


Ganga is a type of singing which is characterized by a lone singer singing one line of lyrics and then others joining in for what can be best described as a wail. It is a very passionate form of singing, which is one of the reasons it has been limited in popularity to small towns. Even though it is a unique and autochthonous form of singing by Croats, it is very rare to hear this music on Croatian airwaves. However, several popular Croatian musicians have incorporated some Ganga into their work. It can also be heard in concert music: the American composer Craig Walsh incorporates a Ganga-inspired wailing, sighing, pitch-bending, micro-tonal vocal style in his ‘String Quartet No. 1’ (2010), a work commissioned for the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival and the Manhattan String Quartet, the second movement of which is clearly paying homage to Ganga style.

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Location: Croatia

Language: English

Genres: Folk, Pop, Rock

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live Radio Megaton
Radio Megaton