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Quran Radio Tafsir

Broadcasting recitation of Al Quran in one thing but having a good radio with proper Tafsir of Holy Quran based on Islamic authentic sayings and teachings is a completely another thing. Quran Radio Tafsir is the that kind of radio that is doing this hard job for their listeners in order to make their listeners aware of various teachings and sayings of Islam.

History: The first examples of tafsir can be traced back to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. As the Qur’an was revealed to him, he recited the verses to his companions, usually explaining their meanings to teach them. This is one of Muhammad’s responsibilities.[3] Elements of Muhammad’s explanations are:

  • Clarifying verses whose intents are not understood
  • Indication of names, places, times etc. which have not been mentioned in the verse
  • Restriction of meanings which have been given as absolute
  • Reconciling expressions which seem contradictory

Although scholars including ibn Taymiyyah claim that Muhammad has commented on the whole of the Qur’an, others including Ghazali cite the limited amount of narratives, thus indicating that he has commented only on a portion of the Qur’an. These interpretations have not been collected independently in a book, rather, they have been recorded in hadith books, under the topic of tafsir, along with other narrations of Muhammad.[4]

Radio Information:

Location: Arabic

Language: Arabic

Genres: Islamic 

Website: QuranRadioTafsir.com 

Quran Radio Tafsir live
Quran Radio Tafsir