Radio HRN

Listen to Radio HRN playlist

Listen to the Radio HRN playlist

Radio HRN is a broadcasting radio station in Tegucigalpa. Honduras, providing news and talk shows. Honduras Radio was started in 1928 when the Tela Railway Company founded Tropical Radio. The first commercial radio station.

Radio HRN (Human Resource Network) is a provider of Radio Broadcasting Corporation (America Broadcasting Corporation).

This organization was created for the purpose of providing one human resource after another. Consult with those who are expanding their business to include human resources.

Inspire the best employees to work for the company. Consultants help the company find the best qualify and experience candidates to fill the available positions.

When it comes to selecting an expert and trained employee. As a human resources director, they are the right agencies to help the organization.

Radio HRN – The Human Resources Network

in addition, In August 1920, a group called Los Cicosas del Colicio began broadcasting. Teatro Colicio in Buenos Aires, but it would take several years for radio to arrive in places like Eastman in Central America first thing to remember.

In Honduras, the experiment on the radio, however, began with a local infection. In the final analysis, American companies (known as an industry) were among the few that provided employment before and after World War II.

It has performed recorded music and local talent (including Sisters Cordova. And pianist Guadalupe Ferrari Hartling), performed live by Marimba bands, singers, poets, and other artists.

At the present time,HRB did not last long, but it did inspire many to keep the flame alive. HRN became one of the few private enterprises that saw very little business growth during this time.

At this point, the station has replace. La Fez del Comercio with its current slogan. La Fez de Honduras. Ferrari station extend.

Promising talent provides an opportunity for a new generation. Some have become American names, solidifying HRN’s position as the powerhouse of Central American radio.

Radio contact info:

Address: Bulevar Supaya, contiguo a televicentro, Tegucigalpa No. 642

Phone: +504 2232-5100


Radio HRN


Radio HRN
Listen to Radio HRN playlist