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98.5 ktis Listen To Live From Stream

 98.5 ktis Listen To Live From Stream

At present,98.5 KTIS – KTIS-FM is a change radio station from Minneapolis, USA, giving grown-up contemporary Christian gospel, pop, and excellent music with Northwestern College’s help.

KTIS is a non-benefit radio broadcast, getting most of its gifts and commitments from its audience members. The station is additionally circulated on low-powered translators outside its primary listening zone. 

The station’s Customizing is similarly transferred to the Internet. In addition, 98.5 ktis has various support functions and practices that can enhance. 

The network, for example, “Drive Difference” and Web Application Prayer as soon as, Tasks that help clients submit application requests for viewing by different clients. Different clients, at any rate, will then send a notice to that person.

Who originally submitted the request, informing them that the request has been made. Northwestern Media is an organization of radio broadcasts across.

 The Midwest focuses on higher Christian music communication and calls for dialogue with all those who tune in on the subject.

At present, 98.5 ktis was founded in 1949 by the late Dr. In addition, Billy Graham of Northwestern University.

 Since that first transition to the base, we have developed a lot, yet our central goal has not changed. So we are continuing, and We promote the good news. 

In our media, regardless of the conventional radio, digital recording, program, or Facebook. Whether you are tuning in to the twin cities or one of the remote stations. 

In MN, WI, IL, ND, SD, IA, NE, KS, MO, or CT, you can rely on the excellent hearing the hearing voice.

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At this point, Living, 98.5 ktis  FM Panjs and Tales, Unshaken !, Adventures in Odyssey, Family on Family, Money Life.

 A New Beginning, Returning to the Bible, Think of My People. At this time, Living on Age A, Love Worth Finding, PowerPoint. Turning Point, Walk Words, Family Life Today, Touch, Decision Time.

First Baptist Church, Family Weekend. Family Weekend, Grace to You, Weekend, 98.5 ktis Great to You Weekend, Hap in Night, Touch Weekend, Renew Your Mind, Johnny.

At last And friends, Heaven on Weekend. 98.5 ktis Haven Today, Legacy of Legacy, Moody Gifts, Revive Our Hearts. Living Things, Just Thinking, Family Life. This Week, Family Weekend, Homeword, Studio, World.

Vision Report, Intentional Living, Breakpoint Weekend, Home Word. 98.5 ktis, This Week, A New Start Weekend, AP News, Message of Hope. Your Wedding Coach, 98.5 ktis, Real Life Radio, God Hour, Back to God Hour.

 Back to God Hour, Well the Way, KTIS Good News, and Weather. 98.5 ktisPerspectives, New Day, The Book and Spade. At present, Terry Gross, Danny Miller, Roberta Swartz, Jack Graham. Jim Cress, Charles Morris,

Dr. Crawford Lorits, Jim Burns, Redbird Kaufman, Peggy Wehmeier. 98.5 ktis. At this same time, Dr. Randy Carlson, Greg Lowry, Steven Coaster, Palm Klein, Daphne Clark-Hudson.



 3003 Snelling Ave. N., Saint Paul, MN 55113



KTIS 98.5 FM

KTIS 98.5 FM
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