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KLVE FM 107.5:

KLVE FM 107.5 regarded as “K-Love 107.5 Fm”, is a radio station authorized to Los Angeles, California, with a Spanish mature person contemporary musical organization. It is claimed by Uni vision. La’s first and longest-running Spanish Fm, appearing in 1975,  KLVE FM 107.5 has constantly been the business sector’s heading Spanish station for a long time, and additionally since the approach of Arbitron’s Ppm (electronic evaluations estimation). With a week by week crowd of approximately 2 million individuals, KLVE FM 107.5 is generally viewed as the best Spanish-dialect radio station in the U.s.  The call sign and motto originate from its extremely removed past when it played lovely music tunes in English. KLVE FM 107.5 is not identified with K-Love, which is a system of English-dialect Christian radio stations situated in Oregon. The Hd2 indicator, nonetheless, offers a Spanish Christian adulate music type. At one focus the station was Kkmd-Fm a rock station before it came to be what it is today a Spanish station.


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Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: Community

WebSite: www.kegr.org

KLVE FM 107.5 online
KLVE FM 107.5