Jilin Health & Entertainment Online Radio

Jilin Health & Entertainment Online Radio:

Jilin Health and Entertainment Radio is a popular radio station in China. It was officially launched on July 1, 2001. The broadcast frequency is FM 101.9 MHz which is broadcast 24 hours a day.

Jilin Television (JLTV, Chinese: in 电视台; Pinin: Jalan Dishasti) is a television network that covers the city of Changchun and the province of Jilin.

It was founded and began broadcasting on October 1, 1959. JLTV currently broadcasts in Chinese, Manchu and Mongol.

In ancient times, Jilin was inhabited by Gianbi, Sushen, Mohe, Jurchens, and Wazi (8). The Korean kingdoms of Bueo, Goguriyeo, and Balhai ruled parts of the region.

The region gradually came under the domination of Jianganu, Xianbei Kingdom, Khitan Liao Dynasty, Jurchen Jin Dynasty and Mongol Yuan Dynasty.

During the Qing Dynasty, most of the territory was under the control of Jilin’s general (Girin I Jiangxian), whose territory extended as far as the Sea of ​​Japan, which today covers most of the Primorsky Krai in Russia.

In 1949, Jilin Province was small, it was only with Changchun and Jilin City and the capital was in Jilin City, and there was a municipality separate from Changchun Province.

In the 1950s, Jillian expanded to its current boundaries. During the Cultural Revolution, Jilin was again expanded to include a part of Inner Mongolia, giving Mongolia the borders of an independent state, although this was later reversed.

In recent times, Jilin has faced economic difficulties with the privatization of the rest of heavy-industrial Northeast China. It persuaded the central government to launch a campaign called “Reproduction in the North East”.


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Address: 长春市彩宇大街118号 卫星路2066号 邮编:130033

Email: info@jlradio.cn


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