Hive 105

Hive 105 Listen to the best fm radio in 2021

Hive 105 Listen to the best FM radio in 2021

HIVE HITS 105 W WBNT-FM (105.5 FM, “Hive 105”) is a radio station. That promotes an adult contemporary music format. The station is currently own.

By Onida broadcasters, integrated and featuring programming from Citadel Media. Above all, Scott County’s Comcast Cable Systems WBNT-FM hive 105. As well as, WOCV-AM, and Onida Cable and Video Channel 4.

Above all, Scott and Morgan County’s Highland Media in TN and Channel 119. All in all, TN and McCreary County, KY, Onida Broadcasters hive 105.

WBNT-FM provides news, weather, sports, and entertainment for the citizens of Scott County, TN hive 105. Onida (located in Scott County) provides secondary coverage to the station’s license city.

At this time, WBNT-FM Tennessee and McCreary County. As a matter of fact, Fentress, Morgan, and Campbell counties KwaZulu-Natal of hive 105.

Hive 105 FM radio in addition info 

Our studios and offices are located at 1126 Buffalo Road. Meanwhile, Onida, TN 37841, operating WBNT-FM 105.5 MHz. With 3,000 watts of a license, power approves hive 105.

By the Federal Communications Commission of Washington, DC hive 105. At this time, WOCV-AM (originally WBNT-AM) operates. At a frequency of 1310 kHz at one thousand watts.

Currently, WOCV-AM has heard simulcast programming on WBNT-AM hive 105. All in all, WOCV-AM facilities are located at WBNT-FM’s leading studios. hive 105 At 1126 Buffalo Road, Onida, TN 37841.

WBNT-AM (now WOCV-AM) was approved and licensed by Scott Broadcasting in 1959. The Buff Station tower was locate. On a plot of land on Buffalo Road.

It was complete in August 1959. Studios locate. On the top floor of Ford Dealership, Troxel Motor Company in the United States.

Onida is owned by the late Russell Troxel. Who also own the Scott Broadcasting Company. On June 26, 1964, the Scott Broadcasting Company applies.

With the Federal Communications Commission to construct an FM station. As a result, WBNT-FM was launch in August.

On May 1, 1969, Onida Broadcasters, Inc. Scott Broadcasting Company. For the next three years, the station continued to operate outside the Troxel building.

In 1972, a new office and studio building was built. On the station’s tower site on Buffalo Road. Since 1969, Onida Broadcasters, Inc. Its sole purpose was to serve timely Scott and the people of the surrounding area.

With timely news, weather, sports, and entertainment. As times have changed, WBNT-AM and WBNT-FM have evolve. In the mid-‘0s, FM radio became. An influential broadcasting band due to its clarity and coverage.

Hive 105 Radio in addition info there

Responding to the change time. The company decide to switch programming to the two stations. |The company’s original programming was transfer to WBNT-FM.

In 1978, WBNT-FM us here in a new era of communication – stereo broadcasting. By 1981, WBNT-FM was again taking advantage of new technology. As well as, receiving the latest news from the country and the world via satellite.

The 1990s were an era of rapid change in the radio industry. As the introduction of various technologies improves and improve the quality of sound.

In 1991, compact discs became the new industry standard for music distribution. Again, WBNT-FM has embraced the new format. By integrating it into their control studio.

Over the next few years, CDs became the station’s primary media format. As vinyl recordings (older 45s and 33s) gradually phase out.

The ’90s were also a decade of change for Onida Broadcasters, Inc. In 1994, when the company had been in the radio business for twenty-five years.

It launches a new venture – cablecasting hive 105. In May, Onida Broadcasters, Inc. Scott County’s quality local programming transfers. The opportunity to deliver to customers.

Initially, Onida Cable and Video Channel 4 served residents of the Onida area.

Radio in addition to history

Soon, customers across the county wanted access to the new channel. In the spring of 1995, Onida Broadcasters, Inc. Huntsville only purchased and install.

The equipment needed to deliver locally produced signals to the company’s head-end facility. Once the work is completed, OCV Channel 4 can be view in more than 3,700 homes in Scott County.

Initially, the new cable channel was operated from existing radio station studios. But the community’s unprecedented response to the channel soon for Wanda Broadcasters, Inc. to look at expanding.

On the fourth anniversary of the cable station (May 1998) hive 105. The company built an open house with 1600 square feet. This new facility in Scott County was the first to hive 105 provide television. hive 105 Programming to the community.

Expansions included:

A new multi-functional studio.

  • A fully-equipped television control room.
  • Additional office space.

 Radio contact info:

Address: 1126 Buffalo Road Oneida, TN 37841-3649

Phone: (423) 569-8598


Request: (423) 569-WBNT (9268)

FAX: (423) 569-5572

Hive 105

Hive 105
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