Herencia Rumbera

Herencia Rumbera is a new station. Which blends Afro-Latin and Caribbean music in all its diversity.

They are the history of this kind of music. And it focuses on what the audience has to offer today.

In addition, the information that Herencia Rumbera has:

Suppose you are a fan of Afro-Latin and Caribbean music. But Herensia Rumbera is for you. We include all kinds of regional variations in this station.

Including artists who like Mam Africa or Selina Gonzalez. Unjustly forgotten by history. And recent stars like Mark Anthony and Ricky Martin.

Here in Herensia Rambaro. We want to keep alive the memories of these many legends and their stories.

So that future generations can learn to know about them. That’s how they lived through the industry on record before adopting technology. Our lives!

Herencia Rumbera is an Afro-Latin radio station. And the Caribbean broadcast both music.

Their goal is the history of this kind of music. And its many variations, such as spreading information about time or opera.

Herensia Rumbera for international music. One of the most popular stations on campus. They are different types of Afro-Latin.

And play Caribbean tunes that will take you back to your country in an instant!

Herencia number is worldwide African, Latin American. And broadcasts Caribbean music.

Their station is located here at our university, although many may think so. That they have only published this section.

Because we are growing up as Spanish-speaking or Latinos. There are many more cultures included, like Colombian Cumbias. – Listen for those drums!

Herencia Rumbera is a station that is Afro-Latin. And focuses on the promotion of Caribbean music.

They were the most popular in the history of each genre, its index, the times. And as well as its origin geographically. Provides in-depth information about him.