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Listen to Glory 98.5 FM Radio Playlist:

The best Glory 98.5 and 540 AM are the lifeblood. One Way and # 1 Station for Gospel Music! Magnificence 985AM plays urban gospel music. Which is Hartsville (SC), Florence (SC).

And can be heard in Greenville NC. Beyonc,, Chris Brown, Rihanna are mention in the playlist … Listen to Glory- 98.5 FM! This is a life station and # 1 for gospel music, Magnificence.

FM broadcasts from Hartsville, South Carolina.

Their successor is Sister Station. The most seasone station here? You guess it: WYNN 540 “Brilliant” (and Radio Ulster Network) in Florence.

As one might expect from his name. This broadcasting station broadcasts about greatness. And that listeners love music with a message. It has the desire effect on them!

Magnificence glory 98.5  4 strives for excellence in the presentation of their gospel tracks. So that the listeners can feel. That they are getting something special in their home every day by tuning in to “Majestic 97”.

All station transmitters are available throughout South Carolina. But especially in Florence where WYNN 540. Programming targets black audiences living there.

Listen to Glory.5.5 FM and enjoy a playlist.

So that Donnie McClarkin, Kirk Franklin. And the modern slogan Justin Bieber with a combination of T-spoon or Beyonc মতো like No I Readyhana.

“For more information on the majesty of Harrietville. On the station’s website” radio showcases across the city. Broadcast every Sunday at 10 am EST!

Greatness glory 98.5 FM and 540 AM Life Station. A way to spread the best gospel music! Magnificence 98.5, also know as “brightness”. Listen to Hartsville to enjoy the audience around Florence.

Including urban gospel design; WYNN-540 carries this same frequency. So you never get bored again.

(And if your hearing was not use at these stations!). Listeners will find some well-know rock favorites like Cumulus Media’s Classic Rock WHSC – FMs 100 kW signal on WMXT.

When they play modern tracks by artists like the Beatles. Which is their old format alphanumeric today. Communications were terminate due to the sale of rights holder Clear Channel. ”

Playing most of any music in South Carolina.

Greatness with songs glory 98.5 FM and 540 AM is the way to Life Station! After all that there, Magnificence 98.5 FM broadcasts church services from Hartsville on Sunday. And the WYNN540 carries an urban gospel design.

Which is know as “Brilliant”. The two stations are own by Cumulus Media Group. The owner of the WBZF-FM 100.5 Florence / Mt Pleasant broadcast is know as “The Buzz”.

Recently they move from modern rock to ‘The Buzz’. Gospel has change the music format Greatness glory 98.5 FM and 540 AM is a station of life station. The most season broadcast in South Carolina!

After all that there, Magnificence glory 98.5 Fm & Ham Radio acts as “Brilliance”. With an urban gospel design. This can be heard on WYNN 539 Florence SC which is also know as the # 1 radio station for nearby gospel music.

It has been approve by Heartsville where they have been since 2005. All in all, Camulus Media bought the classic hit WHSC-FM when playing modern rock.

Which went above 100Ks watts in Broadcast House Tower II. And later from the rock ‘n’ roll under the new management.

About all these Changes adult format formats.


Greatness glory 98.5 and 540 AM is a way of life station . And #1 station for Gospel MUSIC! After all that there, Magnificence 98.5 FM. And 540AM is a legacy station nearby. And perhaps the most season station in South Carolina.

know as “Brilliance glory 98.5”, is a radio broadcast broadcasting an Urban Gospel design, authorize to Hartsville, South Carolina. And furthermore heard on WYNN 540 in Florence, South Carolina.

WBZF plays modern rock as “The Buzz” on 100.5 FM. Cumulus Media bought classic rock WHSC-FM glory 98.5, which moved to WMXT. WMXT’s music moved to 100.5, and WBZF move to 98.5  Later WBZF switch to gospel music.

Radio contact info:

Address: 2014 N Irby St. Florence, South Carolina

Phone: +1 843-673-0896

Glory 98.5 FM

Glory 98.5
Listen Glory 98.5 FM RADIO PLAYLIST