Galaxia La Picosa

Listen to Galaxia La Picosa Fm radio

Listen to Galaxia La Picosa Fm radio

Galaxia La Picosa In this situation, the Galaxia La Picosa was launche in 2021 by FM Weaving. The goal of the Guatemalan radio station is to provide. Local content for its listeners and viewers at the moment.

Accordingly, It is doing this by emphasizing the value of community. Galaxia La Picosa And social interaction in its programming all of a sudden.

They are interest in quality programming that has a positive. All things consider and diverse impact on the minds and hearts of their listeners.

The station is trying to become a stop-shop for all those. Who embrace interest, debate, and creation in music and culture, and other aspects of life.

This is an attempt at multiple missions from the station. This is being touted as the best city music and radio station in the country.

Subsequently And a wide source of entertainment for both locals. At the present time And visitors to the capital city and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

Galaxia La Picosa in addition info

The motto and the core values ​​are very structure. The first thing to remember DNA of the whole station.

At first, it was created with the values ​​and goals of an individual. At the present time and a family and meets local needs and desires.

Requirements and provide a positive impact on them. At the present time, The same message and the same format will be passed on to future generations and so on.

As for the content, at the same time. It is as organic as possible and a certain mixture of it. Galaxia La Picosa Condition is an interesting word. The Spanish language of Guatemala for the same reason.

Originally originate in the territory of the Mayan people. Galaxia La Picosa Similarly, the ingredients as well borrow from the Kechi and Pueblo cultures.

The only foreign word or phrases. The programs that will come are really relevant to the program. So they have been strategically chosen to make the atmosphere truly authentic.

It’s entertaining, informative and fun, and a touch of excitement. All things consider, Fully dedicated and commit to providing original, quality content.

It doesn’t matter if you are a radio DJ, enthusiast, music lover, or not. At the present time, Anyone just wants to hear radio reporting with this difference.

This is the right place to go. All things consider if you want to miss or listen to your favorite song then no problem. The first thing to remember, Again – you can download any song or play any kind of music.

Whatever you want from the available broadcast list, thanks to the internet. With this purpose in minutes
You can even listen to audio files on the website.

Which has a one-time free subscription. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe all year long!

Radio contact Info: 

Name :  Galaxia La Picosa
Type :  MP3
Location :  Guayaquil, Ecuador
Language :  Spanish
Twitter Link :  @galaxialapicosa
Website :

Galaxia La Picosa

Galaxia La Picosa
Galaxia La Picosa Fm