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Flashback Radio is one of the most famous online radio stations in the USA. Original programming and live broadcast make FlashbackRadio very connected with their listeners.

They are kind of their radio who has brought lots of musical content so that every all of their programs put together in a more extraordinary fashion attracts hundreds of listeners FlashbackRadio.

Flashback Radio in addition info:

Flashback Radio is an American radio show syndicated by Cumulus Media Networks (formerly Citadel Media and ABC Radio). At this time, Flashback plays a diverse mix of classic rock from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Other show elements include newscasts, classic TV and movie clips, commercials, and comedy bits to create thematic segments from the 1960s into the 1990s. The four-hour program is syndicated to over 200 radio affiliates in the United States and Canada.

Voiceover artist Bill St. James was initially hosting Flashback Radio. However, in January 2012, he was replaced by Matt Pinfield, who currently hosts 120 Minutes on MTV2.

And is a former DJ and record executive. Pinfield told the website All Access, “I am so honored to have been selected” and “It’s the music I grew up with and can personally relate to.

Voiceover artist Bill St. James initially hosted Flashback Radio. In early January 2012, it was announced that St. James had “stepped aside” and would be replaced by then-120 Minutes host Matt Pinfield.


St. James hosted his final edition of Flashbackradio the weekend of January 14/15, 2012, and a week later, on January 21/22, 2012, Pinfield assumed hosting duties.

During the St. James tenure, the show did not utilize guest hosts. In the Pinfield tenure, the year 2017 saw six shows guest hosted by San Francisco radio personality Steven Seaweed.

Two months after departing Flashback Radio, original host Bill St. James began hosting a similar show for the United Stations Radio Networks called Time Warp.

The show follows a near-identical format to Flashback Radio, presenting four hours of classic rock music mixed with other sound clips from the period. However, there are a few differences in the shows.

The Flashback News segment that kicks off the last hour of the show is referred to as What Happened This Week on Time Warp. Additionally, the Pinfield era of Flashback has introduced 90s music.

And themes, whereas St. James’ Time Warp has not expanded into the 90s. As of 2020, Pinfield’s Flashback Radio is still producing new material for weekly versions of the show, whereas St. James’ Time Warp depends on archives of previously aired shows.

Flashback Radio is one of the most famous online radio stations in America. Original programming and live broadcasts from other services.

Gives the audience a chance to watch separately.

Those who like three-decade, 1970s classic rock. Which will make you want to worry like tomorrow. Or a little later today’s hit! They’re always putting new shows together so make sure.

Don’t miss anything by tuning in to this great internet station www (dot) flashback radio show Comcast (Alternate Parent Domain).

Flashback radio is a radio station that is its core programming. Numerous through live broadcasts from around the world.

Has been able to captivate the hearts and minds of Americans. It’s not just playing some music for you; It’s an experience!

The main part? They don’t play any songs more than twice a day. Because there are a lot of great tunes waiting for their turn in this playlist.

 – And here we are talking about thousands of best hits !! So if diversity really works radio.  ~ Then tune in to Flashback Radio now. (Or follow them via podcast).

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Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: 80s, Classic, Hits

WebSite: www.flashbackradio.com

Flashback Radio
Flashback Radio