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Disco 106.1 Listen To Live From Stream

Disco 106.1 Listen To Live From Stream:

Welcome to Each Saturday, audience members. After all, check out the Dominican Republic’s renowned jazz. And hip-jump radio broadcast broadcasts of Disco 106.1 FM.

As it plays a combination of old hits and new melodies from around the world. The station is rejuvenated through chief Ramon Estrella’s devoted work.

Who likewise fills in as the station administrator and music chief. A tremendous plate jockey named Angelica Colon ensures. That Estrella’s disco sound is ideal for the enormous events.

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When the entire nation gets into the furrow. After all, Jazz and hip-bounce were a lot of presence. On this radio broadcast since its start back in 1957.

As well as, Estrella himself started his melodic profession playing instruments. About all this, prior to being allured by salsa and jive rhythms.

In the initial not many long stretches of activity. The station turned out to be well known to such an extent. That it was partnered around the world.

Indeed, even Hollywood stars came to know. About all this, enthusiasts of this famous public broadcast. They included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Segal, Count Basie, Merle Collie, and so on.

DJs Cynce Tourette, Jose La Month, Jose da Silva, Ruben Stoddard. About all this, Ester Tejeda, and Jose Luis Gavel Lana give. You different decisions of hip-hip dance numbers to shake your body to.

There are interviews with popular dance specialists and performers. After all, Making it simple for you to understand. What melodies will be played straight away? At the point when you hear the words “Disco 106.1 FM” on the radio.

You can be certain that you won’t get exhausted. With the melodies played. You can go ahead and dance, sing. Or applaud along to any tune you like as long as. It accommodates your music style.

Disco 106.1 FM

Radio Contact Info:

Name :  Disco 106.1 FM
Type :  MP3
Location :  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Language :  Spanish
Fb & Twitter  :  fb/rdmusica106, @rdmusica
Website : www.rdmusica.com


Disco 106.1 FM
Disco 106.1 FM Listen Live