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Channel Q:

Channel Q is a radio network created, owned, and operated by Audacy. The first Channel Q station was launched in Dallas, Texas, on January 1, 2006. Since then the Channel has grown to include stations throughout the United States.

In addition to its regular programming of talk shows and EDM top 40 music, as well as events such as Pride Festivals across America each summer season – Channel Q also broadcasts exclusive interviews with LGBT celebrities and politicians; including President Obama!

In May 2012, Channel Q launched a syndicated version of its programming in partnership with WorldBand Media. This international offering is broadcast on terrestrial radio stations in the United States and Canada for listeners around the world to enjoy!

Channel Q features talk shows that cover a variety of topics from current events, politics, various lifestyles choices – including LGBT lifestyle issues; as well as EDM Top 40 music similar to pop top hits often played on commercial FM Radio. In addition to regular daily broadcasts during every season year-round (including annual special Pride season coverage)

– Channel Q also hosts occasional live or prerecorded interviews with celebrities at major entertainment industry events such as The Grammy Awards red carpet arrivals each February; Sundance Film Festival; and the Academy Awards pre-show events each March.

These interviews are then broadcast on Channel Q for its listeners to enjoy over and over again! In addition, as a member of WorldBand Media – which broadcasts radio stations around the world in various languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc…

The International version of Channel Q also provides programming from these partner services 24/24 hours per day 365 days per year so non-US residents can listen at any time that is convenient for them!

Channel Q simulcasts via satellite radio service XM Satellite Radio (which was previously known as Sirius Satellite Radio) even before Audacy purchased it in 2012. Nowadays though Channel Q’s terrestrial EDM Top 40 format airs on over 100 terrestrial radio stations across the United States of America.

You can listen to Channel Q via its internet stream at, or by downloading Audacy’s free app from your favorite App Store so you can tune in wherever you might be!

Channel Q features a variety of programming including talk shows and EDM top 40 music similar to pop hits often played on FM Radio. In addition

– Channel Q broadcasts exclusive interviews with celebrity guests; Pride festival coverage during summer season events; as well as 24-hour satellite broadcast for listeners in other countries around the world! Tune in today and enjoy this great new station broadcasting live every day all year long 365 days per year!!

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 5670 Wilshire Blvd. #200 Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone: (833) 772-2557

Channel Q Radio

Channel Q Radio
Channel Q