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BluesMusicFan Radio is really plain as day. We’re are devotees of the class of music called The Blues, to such an extent that BluesMusicFan Radio run a radio station playing soul day in and day out. Soul is as basic or as muddled as you prefer them. It can be as custom made and rootsy as getting a guitar and culling out three harmonies, or it can be as pompous and mind boggling as filling a stadium loaded with shouting fans and wailing endlessly on the Telecaster. It is the center from which most well known music has sprung and it streams in our veins and its notes and rhythms influence us. As a result of all that, BluesMusicFan Radio have stuff to say, to share, to place out into the universe with the trusts that another person can identify with it.

Radio Information:

Location: USA

Language: English

Genres: Blues