online radio BBC 5 live Sports Extra,

BBC 5 live Sports Extra

BBC 5 live Sports Extra:

BBC 5 live Sports Extra is a popular hit radio channel based in the UK. BBC 5 live Sports Extra plays various types of music genres like National and live sports and very conscious about listeners’ demand and choice. Getting audience good feedback this radio channel is developing playlists continuously. This radio station uses the English language officially. BBC 5 live Sports Extra is also operated various informative programs that include listeners’ participation.


BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra (also known as just 5 Live Sports Extra or 5 Live Extra) is a national digital radio station, operated by the BBC, and specializing only in extended additional sports coverage. It is a sister station to BBC Radio 5 Live and shares facilities, presenters, and management and is a department of the BBC North Group division.

BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra launched as part of the BBC’s expansion into digital radio by launching several digital-only stations that would complement existing coverage. At the time of launch, all radio sports coverage was included as part of BBC Radio 5 Live’s mix of news and sport, the longwave frequencies of BBC Radio 4, or on individual BBC Local Radio stations. As these platforms couldn’t appropriately accommodate any additional sports, a new service was launched: BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra. The station began broadcasts at 2.30 pm on 2 February 2002. Juliette Ferrington introduced the first program – commentary of Manchester United against Sunderland.

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Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: National News, Sports

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online radio BBC 5 live Sports Extra,
BBC 5 live Sports Extra