Antena 2 Medellin live

Antena 2 Medellin

Antena 2 Medellin:

Antena 2 Medellin live broadcasting from Colombia. Antena 2 Medellin broadcasts a diverse range of locally and nationally produced programs, both music, and spoken word, in hi-fi stereo. Antena 2 Medellin broadcasters believe in providing Sports Talk, Sports News, so listeners can enjoy a vast catalog of Sports Talk, Sports News.

It is the main sports network of America and the only one in Colombia, in addition, they make it famous programs like Planeta Soccer and Momento Deportivo that are transmitted in cities like Arauca, Villavicencio, Valledupar, Yopal; And in international cities. The RCN group has determined that its HD2 signal will be called CHANNEL ANTENA 2 HD, and will start to broadcast national and international sporting events.

It has the main sports information of the country. In some cities, it shares a frequency with La cariñosa not to transmit all the time sport but also some popular music and takes the name of Antena 2 La Cariñosa and in Pereira, besides transmitting national and local sports programming it emits musical programming during the day focused In ballads and romantic music. In addition When the Classic RCN of Cycling crosses between Antioquia and Caldas also is transmitted by Radio One Colombia 91.3 FM for the southwest of Antioquia and north of Caldas.

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Location: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genres: Sports News, Sports Talk


Antena 2 Medellin live
Antena 2 Medellin