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97.3 The machine with an exciting history. A radio station, and by far, the most popular talk radio station in San Diego.

In this blog post, we will discover how the 97.3 machines have become one of the most talk-about stations in America. What kind of programming do they give the audience.

And some insider information on their favorite sports team: San Diego Padres! The history of the station is long and winding. Originally, 97.25 MHz was occupied by KSDO-FM (Kraft’s Dairy Company).

97.3 The Machine in addition info:

Their frequency was broadcast 97.3 The Machine as “The Kraft Music Hall”. ..25 MHz was later leased to another company. Which is call “New Dimension Radio”. Uses the English language for educational format.

In 1972, Intercom bought the lease from New Dimension Broadcasting. And from General Electric in 1970. KIOI change its call letter to KLRO after acquiring (1010 AM). 97.3 The Machine Both stations will share the exact location of the studio until 1985.

When they move into two different buildings on Claremont Mesa Boulevard. Which was formerly the headquarters of the Photo mat Corporation. Over time, KLRO (now 97).

– 97.3 The Machine_) San Diego Padres acquire broadcasting rights in 1983. And carried them until 2004 when replace by La King 93 of XETRA.

This is a call letter from her sister station KRTH in Los Angeles. And in the call letter scheduled for KPWR at Glendale. In addition to the overlap, each of its frequencies. There was also a separate callsign that was easily identifiable.

In 1995, from easy listening music on KSDO-FM 10 AM. Changes the format in all-news. In 1996, KSDO became KMPC. The station will be sold in 1997 and will change its call letter to KOGO (AM).

97.3 To understand how 97.3 The Machine became one of the most talk-about stations in America. It is important to know the history of the station and what programming they give to the audience!

The radio station with an exciting past begins here. When we explore his rolling story. Which has turn them into all your musical needs today. Originally own by Craft Foods (now simply known as ‘The Dairy Company’).

This frequency was broadcast on 97.3 The Machine KSDO FM ten years later.

After the change, on July 1, July 5, when the radio station KDEO took control of the day. Only during the day; Students broadcast news shows and jazz improv breaks the fog veil of their speakers until dawn.

When the 97.3 machines were first start. They competed with other local stations for audience attention and advertising dollars.

– But then something happened that changed all this forever. Their signal was accidentally capture by  97.3 The Machine KSDO-FM.

Frequency is Locke (Kraft’s Dairy Company). This unfortunate event without interference or degradation from their competitive broadcast. Allow her to stay in her old position. While still in full use as an FM radio station!

97.3 The Machine is a popular talk radio station in San Diego. And by far it’s America’s most talk-about morning show-evening? Yes!

Audiences are hosted by hosts like “The Junkman.” Like to listen to their favorite sections or every morning on 97 F 3 FM. At the time you will get helpful advice from Dr. Phil Phil.

A long history to this amazing broadcast group. Creates with an exciting current version. Originally before 97.3 The Machine KSDO (9725) was transform into its modern form. Occupy a frequency known as “Kraft Music Hall”.

Which we just call “FM 97” today. When they broadcast under Monika.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 9665 Granite Ridge Drive, Suite 600 San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: 833-288-0973

97.3 The Machine Online Radio

97.3 The Machine Online Radio
97.3 The Machine