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2ks Dance Online Radio:

A collection of eurodance, italodance and some handsup. All tracks between 2000 – 2010. Dance radio is a format that incorporates current and recent dance and electronic music.

Although the format is popular in Europe and Asia, it has not yet been implemented in North America, although there are several top 40 and rhythmic radio stations. that include current dance music in their playlists.

Most of the origins of dance radio can be traced back to the early days of disco in the late 1900s, when both WKTU and KIIS-FM created the format as a major part of airwaves.

But at the end of the decade, the format began to elicit a reaction when feelings about music forced several stations to move to another genre, Most of them will become the urban contemporaries that went on, led by stations such as WAMO-FM Pittsburgh, WLM-FM Milwaukee and WHR Memphis. Song.

At the same time, another former disco outlet, WXKS-FM Medford / Boston, was very successful in taking the word city-dance to the top 40 format.

In the mid-1980s, more stations began to adopt the same formula that worked for WXKS-FM, at the same time more artists added dance styles to their hits.

The idea goes even further in 1989, when KPWR Los Angeles introduced a “crossover” format, paving the way for more stations to jump into the genre that would become rhythmic contemporary.

In the USA, the nation’s first full-time dance radio format began airing in August 1991 when Los Angeles college radio station KSCR controversially changed its format from alternative rock to the “Pulse of the ’90s” techno/rave format.

KSCR continued airing this format until September 1993, when it switched back to alternative rock. The first commercial full-time dance radio format in the United States was broadcast in Mars-FM, Los Angeles, and Orange County, California, from the end of 1931 to the end of 1991.

103.1 FM will later be home to various dance radio formats in Los Angeles: “Grove Radio” (1996–1998), “Grove 103.1” (1998) and “KDL” (2003).


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2ks Dance Online Radio