105.1 The River Online Radio

105.1 The River Online Radio:

This is 105.1 Canada River Live Radio Station. It is a famous Canadian radio broadcast authorized by CRTTC and situated in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Broadcast on 105.1 FM, the station works a grown-up contemporary configuration known as “The River”. On January 24, 2011, WQZ was relaunched as “Oldiz 105.1” and in the process changed WZDX-FM’s call letters.

Unique WZDX-FM call letters were at 102.9 (presently WMSI-FM) reformist stone stations from the last part of the 1960s to the mid 1970s.

The station changed its calls to WZZQ in 1973 and will be changed over from reformist stone to privately created AOR music format.

The old organization of WZDX-FM incorporates a portion of the tunes that got famous on WZDX (AM) the point at which that station played the best 40 tunes during the 1970s.

In November 2013, WZDX-FM turned around its typical Christmas music design over the special times of year. Nonetheless, it has been renamed to “FM 105.1: Christmas Station”, which means there will likely be a few changes after the special times of year.

Playing hits during the ’60s,’ 70s and ’80s).On September 1, 2014, the station spread the music of the ’60s to completely focus on the music of the’ 70s and particularly the ’80s.

It even indicates a difference in station: “Jackson’s Great Hits of the 70’s and ’80s.” On February 11, 2019, the station changed from exemplary hits to grown-up hits (which implies more ’80s music).

From that point forward the station’s motto has been “Jackson’s Great Hit of the 80’s.” Around early afternoon on May 22, 2020, subsequent to performing stunts with different types of music, WZDX moved to the city and marked itself as “Genuine 101.1”.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 4673 Ontario Avenue #202, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3R1

Phone: +1 905-374-1051, +1 905-332-1331

Email: gm@aboutniagara.com

Fax: +1 905-332-7779


105.1 The River Online Radio