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101.7 The Beach Online Radio:

101.7 the Beach This radio is present in Sydney, Australia. Currently broadcast on 2 United States Radio. Its main theme is music. Especially classic hit from 19 to 0, but 19 from 1970 to 1990.


Focus mono-monitored stations are part of the pure gold network (along with a part of the Australian radio network).

The main frequency of WS FM with two repeaters on the outskirts of Sydney is 101.7 the bech MHz in the Macarthur area: 88.3 MHz and 99.1 MHz in the Richmond / Hawksbury area.

It was transmitted in the eastern AM band at 1224 kHz; This frequency is now use by the print-disable radio station 2 RPH.8

In 1999, 101.7 switched to Rhythmic Elderly and again changed callsigns to KBTU. It later switched to a rhythmic synchronous format to go against Caddon, re-launching as 101.7 after 101.7 to go completely against Caddon through a new Morning Drive program.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 60 Garden Court Suite 300 Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: 1-888-636-1017

Email: thebeach1017@yahoo.com

Business Line: 831-658-5200

101.7 The Beach

101.7 The Beach
101.7 The Beach Online Radio