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OnFM welcomes comments and feedback from listeners


In the event of offence being caused by programme content broadcast by OnFM, a listener wishing to make a complaint should write to:-


OnFM Radio, One Lyric Square Hammersmith London W6 OND,


marking the envelope Listener’s Complaint and including the time and date of the programme.


The nature of the material which has caused offence should be outlined and a return postal and email address should be included in the letter.


It is OnFM policy to examine evidence of the alleged offence from the complainant.

All evidenced complaints should normally be responded to within four calendar months of receipt.


In the event of this timescale not having been achieved, listeners should send a copy of the complaint to the Station Director ( marking the envelope Listener’s Complaint ) at the address above. A copy of the complaint then should be sent to the following email address


Comments and suggestions are also welcome direct to presenters on air whenever possible. These may be made to any email address or text number that  the OnFM presenter may give during the course of the programme.